Deb's Essential Oil Story

I have seen essential oils in health food stores over the years and read the advertisements giving tips on what the oils supported.  I have had arthritis for 20 years and I was always chasing pain erasers. I wondered if oils would help.  But as I held the bottle in my hand, I had no clue what I would do with the oil once I got it home and the only instruction on the bottle was more of a warning:  “For Topical use only.  NOT to be taken internally.”  Kind of a red flag to me so I would put the bottle back on the shelf, and take my search for pain relief elsewhere.

In 2008 I met Jenn Garrett.  We became good friends in a weekly Women’s Mastermind Group and together we wanted to change the world.  On one of our weekend retreats, Jenn brought her box of little brown bottles and asked each person, “Can I put some oils on you?”  I found that request rather odd but when she asked me, I said “Sure, whatever floats your boat.”  She carefully scanned her oil collection, chose one, and rubbed my feet, the back of my neck and had me smell out of the bottle.  It felt like a weekend retreat toy but I gave it no further thought.

Soon after, I became convinced they were almost magical when I watched her strap her screaming 10-month old baby into her car seat (you know how they LOVE that) , reach into her purse and then swipe her hand across the baby’s forehead. Before they pulled out of the driveway, her baby was smiling and waving Bye-Bye to me.  I was intrigued.  What else could they do??  I thought, “I’ve got to know what that stuff is.  That was nothing short of a miracle.”

I went to a class taught by Natalie Goddard and bought everything she told me that would help with my concerns. To my surprise, getting my first oil kit included the wisdom, coaching, AND hand holding of both Jenn and Natalie as I began my journey with oils.    I felt like I had a new toy box full of toys to play with.

As an empty nester, I only had my husband Brett and me to practice on, (I must admit really just me since Brett rolled his eyes whenever I talked oils and resisted having any oil put on his own body.  I think his attitude was “What has she wasted our money on this time?”)  Nevertheless, I was SO excited when the grandkids came over.  When they walked in, I asked everyone, “Anyone got a tummy ache? Head tension? Cut, scrap, irritations of any kind? Anyone feeling sad? Anyone constipated?”  More of the eye rolling but to humor me, I was allowed to put oils on anyone with an ailment.

After about 2 months, when the families walked in the door, I heard,” Mom, where are your oils?”  I felt like, “YES, I’ve got ‘em!”

Brett finally came around after a bad tooth destined to need a root canal – have you priced those lately????  He couldn’t get in for 2 weeks and I begged him to try a protective blend just to see what would happen.  He applied it faithfully twice daily to the gum around the tooth.  He liked the taste and smell but didn’t let me know it.  When he went to the dentist 2 weeks later, there was no need for a root canal!! The dentist just did the cosmetic repair and we saved a bundle of money.  That tooth is healthy to this day years later.

I was definitely NOT interested in the business side.  Brett and I had done Amway in the 80’s and ruined all our friendships, strained our marriage, focused on nothing else and didn’t make a dime.  No thanks to a repeat of that life!  BUT we became enthusiastic oil users for about 1 ½  years.  What worked for me, I shared with my friends.  Soon Brett asked me to make him one of those “key ring thingies” (8-vial key chain) and I knew he was hooked, too!  He used the oils for a variety of situations on the job and I had to laugh when he started coming home asking for samples to give guys he’d met on the job.  I realized I needed to buy another diffuser cause ours was out as a loaner most of the time and we didn't have one to enjoy at home.  When I heard a distressed baby crying in Church, I'd go visit and try out my oils to see if they would help.  I was eager to learn what the oils could do and loved creating new oil stories.  In my excitement, my oil orders were getting bigger and bigger.

Brett made the comment one day, "Your hobby is getting very expensive.  Is there a way to make money doing this?"  The same week, Jenn, who taught ME about oils, asked, "You're doing the business.  Would you like to DO the business?"

I figured out that all my sharing and assisting others was exactly what you needed to do to be a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate - cool name for us dōTERRA-ists don't you think?  With a little tweaking, I began to receive little brown "Thank You" checks from dōTERRA and I proudly put them on the fridge.  My first check was $19.  Brett was NOT impressed.

I spontaneously and purposely continued to share - holding classes, talking with people one-on-one (my favorite one-on-one was after a young mom's kids finally went to bed at 9:30 pm!!  It was a great peaceful conversation for her and me.)  I kept recording my oil stories and added to them others’ experiences with our special oils.  My oil relationships became dear friendships and I realized I was making lifelong friends too.  What other magic was in these little brown bottles?

Meanwhile, the little brown checks were growing.  One day, after I did the "tape my dōTERRA check on the fridge" ritual, Brett walked by the fridge and did a double take!  My monthly check was now bigger than his!!  Suddenly he was asking what he could do to help - could he make dinner, help with laundry, pack the car...  And the rest of the story?  I retired Brett December 2014 and we moved to Hawaii - MY lifelong dream. 

We’ve had our share of opportunities the last few years to see the blessings, support and strength received when oils were used.  Brett loves to say “There is a remarkable amount of coincidences when oils are used.  Happens all the time.” 

We’ve used oils in a myriad of ways: supporting the immune system and strengthening the body during cold winter months with seasonal discomforts for our 6-week old granddaughter and the older grandkids, soothing a deep coral laceration on my foot, relieving occasional seasonal and environmental threats, elevating moods when feeling anxious and sad, supporting the respiratory system of tiny babies, improving weight management, alleviating discomfort from skin rashes, supporting cartilage function of a son’s torn Achilles tendon and my ACL knee repair plus 4 surgeries pre/post, PT rehab, and reducing obsessions and substance dependence.  And we’re just getting started!

The big difference using natural essential oils has made for us isn’t necessarily that we never get sick or injured or sad or stressed anymore.  It’s that NOW we have a tool when we do. We look at our bodies, health, mood and comfort in a totally different way.  The moment I feel a little off, I can scan my oils like Jenn did, choose the one I feel will support me in this moment the best, apply it and I alter my reality immediately.  The oils are always there for us.

One time while traveling, my oil case accidently drove home in a different car.  I hardly knew how to get ready for bed without them.  They are part of my daily routine and bless me every time I open the lid.

dōTERRA truly is a Gift of the Earth – supporting our health and wellness, building treasured relationships, creating financial security, and providing a wonderful way to serve others by showing them how to do the same. Thank you, Jenn, for rubbing oils on me and showing me all the great things that were in that little brown bottle.

Tour around our website, see what the fuss is all about.  Roll your eyes a little, we all have.  All we ask is that if you have a health, physical, or emotional concern that you have not yet found an answer for – what have you got to lose????  Essential oils might just be the answer.  It has been for us.  Call me and let’s connect.  801-580-3329

Aloha! Welcome to the World of Oils. 

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